Easthaven feat. Danny Davidson

by Wayfarer

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All eyes illuminate within the void, reflecting images once seen. Amongst endless energy resonating, reaching every corner. Ease your mind and embrace. We are only here for an instant, yet our footsteps will forever remain. Eras have fallen to much less. Though we've done this to ourselves, what once sustained will now destroy. Amidst our inability to recognize how we are furthering our rate of self-destruction. We are driving ourselves into the ground. Begin to search the skies for the answers that we seek within ourselves. Do not allow yourself to live so blindly, for this way of living is not conducive to any further progression. While the many flaunt their destructive ways, we the few try to keep it sane. In this rut of our own fallacy, a world in which all creatures roam has become nothing more than a victim of ruthless leeching. Your eyes will not fail you to see the light in these realizations, encasing what we have always been. Serving as cruel reminder that we are only as infinite as we allow ourselves to be. Take in every moment, do not let them pass before you. The most precious time is now, for this time cannot be unlost. Look to coming days. Now we are consciously depleting ourselves of any trace of morality. Descending upon flourishing fields of color, planting a seed and rapidly expanding its presence within our minds; transcending within matter's very essence. We have become so mindless.


released November 11, 2012



all rights reserved


Wayfarer Bellingham, Washington

Wayfarer is a collection of the instrumental progressive, post-metal and post-rock songs I have written over the past few years.

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